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Your hard work deserves a car ready for the road

Enjoy family trips or traverse your job route with the security of an inspected car.

The higher quality standard in the market

What are the 150 inspection points?

It is an exhaustive inspection to verify that each of your car’s systems, parts, and equipment work correctly. Thus, we ensure that you receive a safe vehicle.

Engine Area Inspection

Second Engine Area Inspection

Engine Oil and Filter

Complete an oil change on all units, no exceptions.

Wiper Blades


Reset Maintenance Counter

Once repairs have been completed.

Confirm Antifreeze Protection and Level

Replace or top-up according to manufacturer specifications.

Preform Smog Test

All vehicles are inspected by GanasYa Auto.

Belts and Hoses for Cracks and Wear

Replace if necessary.

Fluids Leaks

Fix if needed.

Pre-Inspection & Test Drive

We review each engine before and after starting it to verify its condition.

Engine oil level

The oil and oil filter are always replaced.

Coolant / Antifreeze

Replace the old coolant and make sure it is at the right level.

Tire Evaluation

We ensure that all tires are in good condition and at the right air pressure.

Speed Control Operation

Ensure proper functioning, replaced if needed.

Inspection During Test Drive

Speedometer & Odometer

Braking - Pulls Left or Right

Brake Pedal Pulsating or Vibrating

Vehicle Pulls Left or Right

Vibration at Low or Highway Speed

Engine Misfires

Hesitation on Acceleration

Hard Starting

Warning Lights (Such as Check Engine)

Squeaks, Rattles, and Tire Noise

Undercarriage & Breakes Inspection


Ball Joints and Tie Rods.
Fluid Leaks (Front and Rear).
Frame and Undercarriage Welds.
Shocks/Struts/Suspension Wear/Leaks Damage.
Undercarriage and Exhaust Leaks/Damage.
Brake Lines, Fittings.
CV Boots.
Axle Fluid Condition/Level: Drain and replaces it if necessary.

Tires & Breakes

Brakes Lining: Replace brake pads or shoes if lining is at less than 50%.
Rotors: Must meet minimum manufacture requirements.
Tires: Replace it if less than 5/32 tread left.

Exterior & Interior Inspection

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