Ganas Ya finances all the sales in house with a Buy Here Pay Here system.

Walk IN. Drive OUT. Whether you have credit issues or no credit at all, or maybe you don't have a drivers license. We will get you you to where you want to go.

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Asked questions

  • Of course! We can take your car as part of downpayment.
  • Proof of residence (bill of water service, tv, phone, gas or insurance if you have one and do you receive it at you house with your name on it), proof of income (Check, bank proof or letter from your employer) and an ID with photo (valid passport or up to 364 days after expiration, consular identification, ID of Tx, ID of your country or birth certificate).
  • Yes. We base our decision on your ability and stability to pay.
  • Yes. We report every 30 days. This can help you build credit.
  • We have down payments AS LOW as $999 for selected cars. But as you put more money in down payment it lowers your payments and lowers your interest rate.
  • Our vehicles all have a 3 months or 3 thousand mile warranty.